Most Visited Shopping Venues in Batam by Foreign Tourist


Due to the location of Batam is very strategic, located between several countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, many tourists from overseas or domestic layover to Batam. Many people who visit Batam have main purpose for shopping, because Batam is popular for shopping paradise for travelers. Batam is a shopping paradise because it has good assortment of products like fashion, electronics, perfumes, etc. And all of it at a relatively cheap prices!

Shopping is a word which is always associated with holiday or vacation. Planned or not, every vacation we will definitely buy something. Either it’s a souvenir, traditional gift or usual shopping goods. Because something different is what makes us attracted to shop or buy something.

Below are list of shopping venues in Batam that most visited by foreign tourist especially from Singapore:

shopping venues in batam island

Nagoya Hill: Batam Largest Mall

Nagoya Hill is a largest and most visited shopping mall in Batam. Nagoya Hill became a tourist destination and attracts tourism in Batam; because of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is a shopping place that has fairly complete retail goods with a relatively cheap price. The name of Nagoya Hill comes from the city center in Nagoya, Batam, this region which is also known as Lubuk Baja, and the mall was built in hilly areas is quite large, approximately: 8.9 acres.

There are various stores that sell a variety of needs such as clothing, accessories, sports equipment, supplies, etc. Nagoya Hill can be reached from the Hang Nadim International Airport about 45 minutes by taxi. For those of you visiting from Singapore (Harborfront Center) or Malaysia (Stulang Laut Johor Bahru) can be through Batam Center Terminal Ferry and take taxi about 30 minutes. Or you can go through the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal at Batuampar and take taxi about 5-10 minutes. Visitors from Singapore or Malaysia can easily visit Nagoya Hill and get the goods relatively cheaper than in Singapore.

1st Factory Outlet

1st Factory Outlet, a fashion outlet that offers branded clothes and handbags at low prices. Many of the tourists who come to Batam have visited this outlet for shopping. In addition, many tour agencies included this outlet in their one day package tour as tourist destination.

1st Factory Outlet located in Baloi, which is also the center of Batam city, close to the BCS Mall, BCC Hotel and several spas, massages and relaxation. Access to this site is also very easy, being in the city center and surrounded by tourism places, making this outlet always crowded.

BCS Mall Batam

Batam City Square Mall (BCS Mall), located in the center of the city, Jl. Bunga Raya, Baloi, Batam – Indonesia. Jalan Bunga Raya is one of the main streets in Batam city with heavy traffic every day. The presence of BCS Mall at the meeting of two roads, namely Jalan Bunga Raya and Jalan Penuin. Penuin road is a busy trading area dense with activity every day. As of Shopping Centers, Recreation and Entertainment, BCS Mall stood in the middle of a busy commercial locations visited by the city of Batam, even foreign tourists.

BCS Mall in collaboration with major tenants to meet the needs and desires of the city of Batam, the Golden Truly Dept. Store, JC Supermarket, Gramedia Bookstore, KFC, Cinema 21. In addition, the completeness of the BCS Mall is also met by King Electronics, Bowling, Billiard and Games Centre, which presents a Children’s Fantasy World Children Playground, Video Games, Restaurant, Food Court, the Internet Zone, and many more tenants who make the BCS Fashion Mall as one barometer of fashion trends in Batam. You can catch a movie there for Rp.30.000,-. The mall also has karaoke, lounge, Timezone arcade, bowling and slot machines.

Golden Factory Outlet Batam

Golden Factory Outlet is one of the recommended places for shopping in Batam. Located in the tourist area of Golden City, Bengkong, this outlet is always crowded by visitors, especially tourists, both local and foreign. Because, Golden City always been as a tourist destination by the travel agents, especially for foreign tourists batam tour package.

Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet

Many fashion store and outlet here in Batam. One of infamous factory outlet in Batam is Polo Ralph Lauren outlet. Most of tour packages here in Batam always include this outlet into their packages. In this outlet, the price of a Polo Ralph Lauren clothes is about half of those in Singapore. The price here is about 70-100 SGD for a piece of shirt which is still relatively cheaper as compared to the prices in Singapore.

Dian Pelangi Boutique Batam

Dian Pelangi is famous designer for its collection of modern Muslim fashion but still combination with traditional Indonesian style so that it becomes an interesting blend of modern ethnic.  Dian Pelangi Boutique Batam also offers a variety of fashion to the general public like the design style to wear to the party nationally, to work or for leisure, because it presents a variety of simple fashion and elegant so it is suitable to be combined with style and any color.

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