Batam Travel: Shopping, Massage & Seafood


What is the most of many travelers from Singapore do in Batam? The answer is SMS (Shopping, Massage and Seafood); here are some famous places of SMS things to do in Batam for a short weekend getaway by most Singaporean:

Batam Shopping:  Nagoya Hills, BCS Mall, DC Mall, Batam Layer Cake and Factory Outlet

Batam Shopping : Nagoya Hills, BCS Mall, DC Mall, Batam Layer Cake and Factory Outlet

Nagoya Hill is the biggest mall in Batam and is home to the Matahari department store and Hypermart. You can catch a movie at the Studio 21 cineplex here for Rp 30.000. For teens this is your shopping spree place. It's a one stop location where you can have your fast food A&W, etc... Shoes, Shirt from toddler to adult I bet you will be able to get at least a shopping back before you head out of the mall.

Batam City Square (BCS) is one of the more crowded malls in Batam. You can catch a movie there for Rp.25.000,-. The mall also has karaoke, lounge, Timezone arcade, bowling and slot machines.

DC Mall - It's like Joo Chiat and Tanjong Katong in Singapore. U can get all Moslem clothes, batik, bridal clothes, head gear and et cetera. Pricing wise not bad but you can compare to those in Pasar Jodoh.

Batam Layer Cake are one of many outlet in Batam and also infamous for tourist because of its uniqueness than the other outlets. In Batam Layer Cake outlet, you can directly see the production process of Kueh Lapis, it’s because the production and sales are made in the same place. Products are sold within the same day, so it is quality and freshness guarantee, like fresh from the oven. Kueh Lapis from Batam Layer Cake tastes very gentle and uniquely delicious. There are many flavors choices. Visitors can try some samples before buying the cake, because there is tester intended for visitors who come to visit or buy.

1st Factory Outlet located in Baloi, which is also the center of Batam city, close to the BCS Mall, BCC Hotel and several spas, massages and relaxation. Access to this site is also very easy, being in the city center and surrounded by tourism places, making this outlet always crowded. Some brands offered here is Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Ann Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and others. All of these come at a cheap price, so it can be said that 1st Factory Outlet is a shopping paradise.

Batam Massage:  The spa Secret, First Choice Batam, my Indothai, Go Massage and Others

Batam Massage:  The spa Secret, First Choice Batam, my Indothai, Go Massage and Others

The Spa Secret, Located just across from the Nagoya Hills Shopping Centre and The Hills Hotel, The Spa Secret is truly a one stop spa destination for the busy city dwellers to set their hectic minds away and unwind in coziness. Without a doubt, they are offering a wide variety of treatments you can choose from. Other in-house services and treatments offered include body massage treatments, foot spa, face treatments, manicure and pedicure, waxing, ear candling therapy and hair treatments.

First Choice Spa, Massage and Reflexology are the good place to get a massage in the heart of Batam city, where professionalism and affordability merge in blissful harmony.

My Indo Thai Massage, a new relaxation venue in the central of the town where welcome you through the nature relaxing. The Massage center is decorated in Thai art and literature design feel. They provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy Premium Treatments with Traditional Thai Service and Hospitality.

GO! Massage is a must-visit massage destination at Batam, located on Nagoya area, only 5 minutes from Harbour Bay ferry terminal. Enjoy the healing hands touch of their well-trained therapist, with variety choices of massage treatments for your perfect complement to your Batam massage visit. They provide the following massage treatments:- Traditional/Thai/Combination Massage- Reflexology- Aromatherapy- Massage + Scrub- Aromatherapy + Scrub- Head Therapy + Ear Candle- Pedicure Manicure.

Batam Seafood: Golden Prawn 933/555, Wey2 Seafood, Rezeki and Nelayan Seafood

Batam Seafood: Golden Prawn 933/555, Wey2 Seafood, Rezeki and Nelayan Seafood

Golden Prawn 933/555. This seafood restaurant is famous in Batam and known to Singaporeans for their seafood. It is one eatery that deeply polarized opinions. Its supporters swear by the freshness of the seafood while the critics slam its mediocre taste.

Wey Wey Seafood is a restaurant located at Batam, they serves chili and black pepper crabs and oatmeal prawns. This restaurant seemed more popular than the rest of the seafood restaurant along Harboubay. The food is good.

Rezeki Seafood Restaurant is located near the seaside so you'll get a glimpse of the sea view when dining in. There will be live seafood like crabs, fishes, crayfishes etc. that will be displayed right when you enter the restaurant. You may choose and pick the fishes to be cooked right on that spot. Or else, you can also choose to order when you take your seat. Furthermore, all the seafood are caught and brought straight to the restaurant.

Nelayan Seafood, this restaurant is opened for those who like eating seafood with sea’s view. The restaurant itself is placed just nearby the fourth of Barelang Bridge. There are many kinds of lively fish, prawn, lobster, and gong-gong which are offered at this restaurant. All of them are placed in a special fish net put in the sea water in restaurant’s area. So the visitors are free to choose what they want to eat.

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