7 Most Beautiful Tourist Places in Batam


Vacation to the city of Batam which is a major city in the Riau Archipelago and has tremendous natural potential is sure to be great fun. Batam city is also a city which has the third largest population in the region of Sumatra after Medan and Palembang, According to sources from the Department of Population and Civil Registration Batam April 2012 the population reached 1,153,860 inhabitants.

In 2010 Batam ever held in tourist visits, titled Visit Batam 2010 - Experience it. Supported by a wide range of hotels and resort facilities are of international standard and range of tourist activities that have been arranged in the Calendar of Events Batam tourism, hoping to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of domestic and foreign tourists while visiting Batam city to spend holidays.

Here are 7 tourist attractions in Batam are suitable for you make tourist destinations in Batam.

1. Smiling Hill Batam

In this Smiling Hill's you can see the sights of Singapore with a variety of flashing lights twinkle glittering city. From this hilltop, you can also see the view of the building located in Singapore and ships passing of Singapore.

As evening approached, the view on the hill this smile would be much more beautiful and spectacular, a view of the lights of the building in Singapore and also glittering lights of ships at sea that presents a beautiful sight. Owned exotic scenery Hill Smiles at night you can also enjoy while lounging in the grass or you can also line up and sit on the benches that have been provided by local merchants.

2. Megawisata Ocarina Batam

Megawisata Ocarina Batam is a coastal tourist spot located in Batam, Riau Islands. This attraction was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in January 2009. Ocarina stands on an area of ​​40 hectares and is located on the banks of Dry Bay, as well as luxury housing complex Costarina.

Smiling hill and ocarina batam, the travel places in Batam

3. Marina Batam

Marina beach is located at Waterfront City Batam and is located in the western part of the island of Batam. The location is only 10 minutes if you are from the area Batuaji, and takes about 30 minutes if you are from Batam Center. Marina Beach is also equipped with verdant gardens and places for children to play, making it more beautiful.

The location of this tour is ideal to use for family and tourist areas also for pre-wedding photos. The beach is facing the Straits of Singapore is indeed very beautiful , if the weather is clear you can see skyscraper buildings located on the Marina Bay Singapore . You can also enjoy the natural scenery is very beautiful when coming here in the early evening before the sun will set. Red sky color combined with radiant sparkle golden yellow sunlight reflected off the crystal clear sea water.

4. Barelang Bridges (Icon of Batam)

Barelang is an acronym taken from three places, namely Batam, Rempang, and Galang and then used as the name of the long bridge that connects the islands of Batam is located in Batam Island, Nipah Island, Tonton Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island and The New Galang Island.

Surrounding communities are often called by the name " Barelang bridge “, but there are also some people who call it the " Bridge Habibie “, because he is the person who has initiated the development of the long bridge to facilitate the three islands that are deliberately designed to be developed and used as an industrial area that is still in the Riau Islands.

Marina beach and barelang bridge

5. Melur Beach on Galang Island

In the tourist areas of the beach that you can do exactly  so many activities , such as swimming and playing around with the sea water can be interspersed with searching for small fish and other marine animals is a main attraction for the visitors who were on vacation on the beach . Apart from being a place to mingle, Melur beach can also be used for various types of sports activities as well as a light beach volleyball, beach soccer and so forth.

6. Ex Vietnamese refugee camp on Galang Island

The former camp is a refuge from Vietnam in 1979 - 1996 is also often known to Human canoe. The camp is located on Galang Island on the southern island of Batam, which is more or less 7 km. In a period of 7 years , the agency UNHCR , the UN refugee collects the Vietnam war , spread across several parts of the island such as : Natuna islands , island Anambas , Terempa and surrounding areas into one that is in this place , Galang Island .

Melur beach and ex refugee camp of vietnam

7. Nongsa Beach Batam

Nongsa is the name of a district located in the city of Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. This region is famous region with tourist beaches which are so beautiful. Some of the natural attractions of Batam beaches that are well known among other things as Nongsa Beach , Bemban Cape Coast , Maimoon Beach and Sekilak Beach . In District Nongsa there are also a number of resorts and golf courses that have international standards and became one of the tourist destinations of domestic or foreign tourists.

Nongsa beach Batam island

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