Batam’s Old Village Tour


Tour in the Village, You may already be familiar with this kind of tour. Moreover, the old village’s tour has developed a unique tradition and culture as it reflects a culture and tradition that is run by the community. Just as in the outback tourist village with exotic Borneo Dayak traditions are almost never found again in Large Cities, or in Remote Papua who are by and large community livelihood as artisans penis gourds (Koteka) and musical instruments typical of Papua.

Of all the diversity of traditions and cultures that exist in the township - village, there is one thing that is most special natural scenery is still beautiful. Yes, because the area has not been so touched by development are contained in Large Cities.

So is the case with the island of Batam. The island has economic growth and rapid development is also not independent of the elements typical village tradition is still maintained and earthy and natural exotica still awake naturally. This was evidenced by the many villages that are in the area of ​​Batam Island, the township area called Kampung Tua (old Village). Because the region has been established since 180 years ago, even before it became one of the Batam Island in Indonesia industrial park as it is now.

According to information, the amount of Kampung Tua in Batam Island there is 36 villages. The villages were largely located in the Coastal region is still beautiful, so the marine tourism is one of the most preferred tourist if located in this township. Were largely ethnic communities in the Kampung Melayu which is the largest ethnic group and are in the Riau Islands and worked as fishermen and traders. As well as the community in the township, the Old Village community was also still has the tradition of togetherness among the people who are well preserved.

Some Kampung Tua contained in this island such as Kampung Melayu , Kampung Tanjung Uma , Kampung Tanjung Piayu , Kampung Teluk Mata Ikan , Kampung Pantai Nongsa , and Kampung Tanjung Riau and so on . The villages are very popular with its beaches which are very exotic . There is also the development of Old Kampung Tugu  and Gate as a symbol of the region are also at all points of the township . The monument was built by the Government of Batam .

One is the old village is the village that has a  Nongsa beach, that has a  beautiful and exotic Nongsa beach. Nongsa coastal marine tourism is one that is in demand by tourists , both local and foreign tourists . Due to the tourism potential of the Nongsa Beach , the village Nongsa that are around are also not free from the many development like few luxury Resorts and Seafood Restaurants . It also provides a good income for the surrounding community especially when the beach was busy - crowded visited by tourists .

Then there are villages called Kampung Teluk Mata Ikan (Gulf Fish Eye village) . The village is also same as Nongsa Beach Village which has a marine tourism as an attraction for tourists . The beach is only 2 KM is wide white sand beach with a beautiful natural scenery . But management is not as good as management Nongsa Beach is already very popular among tourists , the Gulf Coast in the village of Mata ikan actually have the opposite condition .

There are still a lot of plastic waste which reduces the panoramic beauty of the exotic beaches . Some facilities ever built by the Government of Batam to Visit Batam 2010 tourism program looks less manicured , such as toilets and huts around the beach - cottage whose existence is no longer maintained.

Additionally village called Kampung Tua Piayu also has panoramic beauty of the beach that is not less beautiful with Nongsa Coast and Gulf Coast Village Fish Eye . However, the beach at Kampung Piayu is not dominated by a sand beach as well as the beaches are around other settlements . Piayu beach has a special area which consists of rocks that size is quite large .

The area is located in the southern part of the beach and is usually used as a fishing spot by the tourists who have fishing hobby . Even this place also has a variety of activities offered by managers such as kayaking , where the tourists can get kayak course , accompanied by trainers who are experts .

Yes, that's some kind of nautical tourism in a region that is the Old Village. Marine tourism in this village can also be used as an alternative for tourists who love the natural atmosphere and away from the bustle of urban areas. Regardless of marine tourism element, Batam City Government is now also being intensively developed cultural assets located in Kampung Melayu Tua because of tradition and culture in the village also has the potential to be a typical Indonesian tourism assets as the distinctive culture of the villages in Kalimantan and Papua.

However , to achieve this goal is certainly not only of Governments are contributing , but the people in Kampung Tua should also participate in maintaining their traditions and culture in order to preserve the culture that can be passed down to future generations !

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