Go to Five Iconic Locations in Batam Island


Batam is often visited by many travelers all over the world since there are many distinctive locations broadly unfold out around the province of Islands of Riau, Indonesia. There's should to go to these places below for initial journey in Batam otherwise you be said "Not yet to Batam if not go to this 5 iconic places of Batam".

1. The Great Monastery of Duta Maitreya (The Buddhist's Monastery)

This is the great monastery which is touted as the biggest monastery in Southeast Asia. It is located in jalan Sei Panas, Batam Center, constructed on a land space of 4.5 hectares.

In addition to traveling around this huge monastery, tourists may also attempt to forecast Ciam Si. In the back of the monastery there is a vegetarian restaurant, which is also, be the interested part of destination at this place.

2. Mini Forest Park "Mata Kucing"

This place is situated at jalan Lt. Suprapto R, in between of regions Sekupang and Batu Aji, Batam. There is a swimming pool, mini zoo, and facilities for outbound activity for traveler.

This place can be has a big pool contains Arowana Arapaima Gigas. There are three free-living big arowana within the pond, with alligators and dozens of different Arowana.

3. Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge was built in 1992 and was accomplished in 1998, was constructed on the initiative of BJ Habibie, who was then serving as Minister of State for Research and Technology, and cost greater than Rp 400billion. This bridge was initially intended for connecting Batam island to island and Galang Rempang projected into the industrial area. However lately these features shifted into vacationer sights than transport.

Barelang Bridge is made to connect the three big islands and several other small islands, which are included within the Riau Islands Province. Barelang own title, an acronym of the names of the three major islands linked by the bridges, the island of Batam, Rempang Island and Galang Island.

In the morning, afternoon, then late into the evening time, there are lots of residents and tourists come to this bridge to relax. Taking pictures enjoy the grilled corn or meatballs, and satay. This bridge is likely one of the icons of Batam Island.

4. The Ex-Camp of Vietnamese Refugee

In case you have sufficient transit time in Batam, attempt to go down through Barelang Bridge subsequent to the Galand Island. Here lies the history of the ex-camp of Vietnamese refugee residents. That they had ever lived in this place in period year of 1975 to 1996.

In this complex there are extensive remains of buildings such as barracks, hospitals, police stations, quarantine station, churches, pagodas, museums. As a result of filled with mystical aura, this complexes only open within the morning to afternoon.

5. Miniature House of Indonesia Residents

If you wish to see Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in mini version? There it's in Batam Miniature House of Indonesia Residents, located at Bengkong area, has a collection of 33 replica of customized houses} from all over Indonesia. All those replicas are connected by walkways with green landscapes feast for the eyes.

There are no charges to get into this place.

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