Travelers Crowded Batam at Substitution New Year's Eve


Hundreds of foreign tourists from Europe and Asia crowded shopping and entertainment center in Batam before the turn of the year 2012-2013, on Sunday.

One British batam new year 2013tourist, Kimberly Holls in Batam, said Sunday that the party planned to spend New Year in Singapore.

However, according to Holls accompanied by his friends who also came from the State of Queen Elizabeth said that they deliberately vacation to Batam before the turn of the year.

"We look forward to a party in Singapore. We will follow New Year's party in Singapore. Batam just to fill the time before the party," said Holls.

She said had come to Singapore to celebrate the New Year with her friends, as well as fill the long holiday.

"We want to feel Christmas in Asia," She said when met at a shopping center in Batam.

In fact, she said, does not plan to visit Indonesia. But once knew Batam is less about an hour from Singapore, She and her friends decide to Batam.

"It's Asia trip, if you can visit all the countries," She said.

Asked about the possibility of spending the New Year in Batam, She said, might be done in the next year.

"We are already planning a party in Singapore for a long time, so maybe another time in Batam," She said.

In line with Kimberly.  Indians, Ranee said it not plan to spend the holiday in Batam.

"We went to Singapore to visit relatives and just drop (to Batam) for a look-see," She said.

Meanwhile, Andra and the Backbone Band will perform in Batam to enliven the party of the year.

"Band of Jakarta will bring some of his bigger hits in the New Year party in the Scottish Engku Princess December 31," said Batam Government Head of Public Relations Ardiwinata.

Party of the year centered on the Plain Engku Putri.

Batam City Government is also present in the peak fireworks New Year. "There are fireworks with 200 shots," said Ardi.

New Year party 2013 is designed more festive than in previous years. "This year is more spectacular than ever before," said Ardi.

He said the Batam municipal government deliberately presenting a party at the end of the year to entertain the industrial city. In addition, the event is also expected to absorb domestic and foreign travelers.

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