Batam Going Through Difficulties in Safe Intercourse Campaign


The Riau Islands' tourism agency is facing difficulties in familiarizing intercourse workers with "safe intercourse" as a result of non-existence of a red light district - thereby localizing such workers - and strict native cultural and spiritual values.

Batam going through difficulties in safe intercourse campaignThe agency head, Guntur Sakti, mentioned that the agency had a local regulation on tourism that could act as a legal foundation to create an integrated tourism space, together with red light district.

"If we have now a red light space, we are able to minimize the unfold of HIV/AIDS and simply campaign about protected sex to the workers and customers," he said.

It might be difficult for such an area to materialize as it depended on the notice of regional leaders, not to mention native and religious values that thought-about campaigning on the usage of condoms as tantamount to supporting free sex, he said.

The Batam AIDS Prevention Commission (KPA) recorded that there have been 287 folks with HIV, 127 folks with AIDS and that 28 people had died because of the disease in the first half of 2012.

Batam KPA chairman Pieter Pureklolong stated that only a number of entertainment businessmen and native stakeholders had been conscious and constantly supported the campaign to make use of condoms, though the commission had usually informed and educated them.

He added that funds from the local administration have been also removed from sufficient to assist the protected intercourse campaign, and that such a campaign was not solely essential for the residents, but might additionally save the tourism business in Batam.

Singapore just lately issued a journey warning to its residents after discovering out a Singaporean had contracted HIV/AIDS after visiting the island. "Singapore is a small country however it is extremely protective of its residents," Guntur said.

He added that such a warning would significantly affect the variety of Singaporean tourists in the few months ahead. Singapore is likely one of the highest contributors of international tourists to the island.

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