3 Destinations Batam Travel That You Should Visit


Batam is a tropical island and city in Riau Islands Province in Indonesia. Batam is located east of Karimun, west of Bintan, north of Rempang and south of Singapore. The biggest business community on the island is Nagoya.

First destination I recommended is to...eat FISH SOUP! Fish soup is a popular food in Batam. The flavor? So Fresh and reasonable price! And at the night you can visit Harbour Bay. Harbour Bay is one of the existing ports in Batam. On the back of the harbour are lined restaurants that sell seafood as the main menu. So you can eat the seafood while enjoying the harbour view. The restaurants are open at night.

Batam city scenery

Second destination is Beach. Actually there are many beaches in Batam because Batam is an island that surrounded by sea but the beach that I recommended Nongsa Beach.

Nongsa beach, a white sandy beach and clear water is located in the Northeast of Batam. The name of this beach is taken based on the Malay name of a character that first developed this coastal region. The beach is better known as "Old Nongsa" by the local community.

Nongsa Beach

The beach is a tourist destination attraction for local and foreign tourists who come there just to enjoy a holiday or to enjoy its natural beauty. The travelers can watch the sunset on this beach. And at night, you will be presented with a view of the lights sparkling skyscraper buildings that emanated from our neighboring countries, Singapore.

My third destination suggestion is Barelang Bridge. Barelang Bridge is an icon of Batam as well as the most popular tourism place in Batam. Barelang is stands for BAtam, REmpang and gaLANG because this bridge connects Batam with the Rempang and Galang islands also small islands around it. Local people call it Jembatan Habibie (The Bridge of Habibie), who initiated and oversaw the construction of this bridge, aiming to transform the Rempang and Galang islands into industrial sites (resembling present-day Batam).If you had the opportunity to visit Batam, don't forget to come to Barelang Bridge.

Barelang Bridge Batam

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