Things to See and Do in Batam Island


Batam: Introduction

Batam City is the biggest city in Riau Province. This city is made out of three islands, Batam, Rempang and Galang link by the Balerang (acronym for Batam- Rempang-Galang) Bridge. This city is situated strategically  on the global maritime hub passing the Malaca Strait close to Singapore and Malaysia. Batam is well known to have different ethnic gatherings and for its critical improvement. Numerous dialects are utilized as a part of this city, for the most part Minang, Batak and Javanese dialect. Indonesian dialect is still the primary dialect, however.

Batam is known as a industrial city, however there are additionally a ton of intriguing spots. One of the intriguing spots in Batam is Nongsa Beach. Nongsa Beach is situated in the northeastern piece of Batam Island, definitely in Nongsa sub-District, Batam City, Riau Islands Province. The name of this shoreline is the same as the sub's name region. While Nongsa name itself is taken from the name of a character that initially built up the Malay seaside district. Verifiably, this zone was simply unfilled area loaded with bushes, however because of the cool hands of that Malay figure, this district has now transformed into a visitor zone with immense potential and figured out how to make the local and foreign investment to assemble an assortment of resorts in the region.

Batam travel place

Things to see


There are numerous things you can discover in this island, one of them is previous shelter camp in Galang Island for Vietnam refugee, Batam. Here you can see pictures, tombs, destroyed boats and other authentic things. You can likewise see the superb Masjid Raya Batam situated at Batam Center. This center eastern architecture mosque is interesting. You won't see any column here, making it look extremely roomy, and the arch is similar to no other: it is fit as a fiddle of a pyramid.

There's Maha Duta Maitreya Temple, the greatest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. This sanctuary is situated in Sei Panas. Sei Panas is so near both Singapore and Malaysia, making the sanctuary is typically gone by both nation's native to do petition to God or simply take a gander at this present sanctuary's grandness.

Things to do

As Batam is close Singapore and near the busiest shipping course on the planet, the city is all that much universal orientated and useful for shopping. There are a few strip malls, for example, Nagiya Hill ,Batam City Square and Mega Mall which will offer you numerous global items from recognized brands. There's likewise Lucky Plaza in Nagoya, the greatest in Batam, which will offer you different sorts of electronic gadgets mostly handphone and camera.

Batam likewise offers you some nature like Nongsa Beach and Waterfront City. You will have the capacity to water skiing, parasailing, wind surfing, paddling, and so on.

Things to eat

In case you're in Batam, bear in mind to taste the most loved sustenance in the city, Gonggong. Gonggong is regularly from Batam, made of white snail and presented with nut sauce. On the off chance that you need to bring souvenisrs for loved ones at home you can purchase numerous sorts of layer cake ,banana cake, roasted bingka and otak-otak.

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