Four Things You Can Do in Batam for Children


Friends have asked us about things to do in Batam for their children. These are the top 5 choices for the whole family which are quite affordable.

1. Food!

Children should have their fill at rootbeer float of A & W.  J.Co Donuts tempting too! The adults enjoyed super cool and fresh seafood at Kelong seafood restuarant at Barelang ! you can go  to Citra Utama Seafood Restaurant, where it is floating kelong, there you can choose your own fresh seafood ! These are the scallops, shrimp and fish!

Batam Kelong Seafood Restaurant

2. Arcade

You can bring children to Nagoya City Walk (Funworld Nagoya Citywalk) or Time Zone inside the big Malls (such as Nagoya Hill, BCS or Megamall) . You will discovered that each carousal rising cost of $ 0.70, that you cannot refuse! The kids will have a lot of fun in the bumper cars (USD $ 1) and the other rides!

Nagoya city walk fun station

3. Shopping

You can buy a lot of children clothes at Batam shopping malls! Just to give you an idea, here are some things you can buy PJs are SG$3-4, and you can get a HK top at SG$5-6, or purchase children soccer jersey at less than SG$3.

Batam Nagoya Hill Mall

4. Barelang bridge and surrounding farms

Barelang is at the other end of the Batam to a series of six bridges that connect to other islands of Indonesia. The view was fantastic, a great expanse of blue / green sea around! Nearby bridge, have several farms such as  Dragon Fruit Farm, there you can drinking delicious dragon fruit juice, The ex camp for Vietnam’s refuge/boat people , some of beauty beach such as Melur or Melayu beach.

Batam Barelang Bridge

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