Interesting Places in the City of Batam


Some of the interesting places in the city of Batam as below:

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is one of the newest malls in Batam's which opened in 2007.  Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall building consists of 3 floors with an area of more than 60,000 m2. Located in the center of Nagoya, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall has a variety of shops ranging from clothes, shoes, tools and exercise needs, souvenirs and traditional Indonesian batik, including furniture, electronics and home needs.

On the ground floor, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall has a roomy space that consists of many restaurants with a variety of menus Indonesia, Asia, and the West, cafes, and fresh juice stalls, which has seating inside and outside. As well as having had a parking space can accommodate more than 1,500 cars.

Four most visited shopping center in batam

Lucky Plaza, Batam

Location Lucky Plaza is located in Nagoya is a shopping center where almost all of the retail offer products of cellular telephone / mobile and is the largest place in Batam. The products are well offered in Lucky Plaza latest products and secondhand. With competitive price offered, in Lucky Plaza is always crowded.

Towards Lucky Plaza shopping center which is located in Nagoya, can be reached on foot if staying around Nagoya, and use public transport approximately 10 minutes from the Port Harbor Bay, 15 minutes from the Port of Batam Center, and 45 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport.

Batam City Square, Batam

Batam City Square (better known as BCS) is a shopping center located on Jl. Bunga Raya, Baloi, and Batam Riau Islands. Batam City Square is located in a strategic location at the confluence of the two roads, namely Jalan Bunga Raya and Jalan Penuin. Penuin street is bustling trade area with solid activity each day.

For shopping, recreation and entertainment, Batam City Square standing in the middle of a bustling commercial locations Batam city communities, even foreign tourists. Batam City Square building consists of 6 floors (can be built up to 8 floors) with an effective location of over 30,000 m² and can accommodate more than 1,000 four-wheeled vehicles in the parking deck that each floor of the building parking directly connected to the center of the mall. Batam City Square facility consists of AC Central, 2 lifts in the Atrium Hall, 2 units of elevators in the loading area, 18 units of escalators, powered backup power source capable of supplying the electricity needs throughout the building, installation of electrical and telephone cables, Installation Sprinkle (smoke detector) and Fire detector, complete security equipment and monitored.

Mega Mall, Batam

Mega Mall is one of the major malls in Batam Center area. Mega Mall offers a wide variety of items to complement your shopping needs. Mega Mall is very popular with sales Accessories start of Watches, Bags, and Shoes to other branded goods. Mega Mall is integrated with Mosque Batam Center, Batam Ferry Port, the mayor's office, the Office of Parliament, office of the Bank Indonesia and the short distance to go to Batam Authority Building and modern residential complex Coastarina, Because of its strategic location in the center of the city of Batam. In Mega Mall, there are Hypermart and Matahari Department Store and Cinema XXI.

Nongsa Beach, Batam

Batam city now holds the status as an industrial town. Actually tourist areas in the city of Batam include many and abundant but less attention from Batam city government. One is the Nongsa Coast.

Nongsa Beach, a white sandy beaches and clear water is located in the north-east of its Batam. Name Nongsa Beach taken by the Malay name of a character that first developed this coastal region. Nongsa beach is better known as Old Nongsa by the local community.

Turi beach at nongsa

Well, to get this Nongsa Beach, travelers can use taxi services. Well, about 40 minutes from the city center of Batam and 20 minutes from the airport pride of the city of Batam, namely Hang Nadim Airport. And there is one advantage of this Nongsa Beach, which is close to the pier. The tourists from Singapore can reach the beach is by using the ferry from Tanah Merah (Singapore) and anchored in Nongsa Ferry Terminal.

Nongsa Beach is a destination attraction for tourists both local and foreign tourists who come there just to enjoy a holiday or to enjoy its natural beauty. The travelers can see a view of the sunset in this Nongsa Beach. And at night, you will be presented with a view of the sparkling lights of the skyscrapers buildings that emanated from neighboring country, Singapore.

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