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Although the status as the industrial city, Batam island is lucky enough to have many beach attractions. With so many beaches, at least Batam citizens or tourists who visiting Batam have a place (other than the mall) to ' throw ' saturation after a tired working throughout the weekdays.

In this blog I will review some of the beach in this Barelang area, such as Mirota Beach, Melayu Beach, and Melur Beach.

Mirota Beach

Mirota beach located on the island of Galang Baru, not long after the Barelang Bridge V (five). Mirota beach is adjacent to Melur Beach.

The Mirota beach was not long. Exposition only 400 meters from north to south. The sand is white, and there are coral rocks in some area. Unfortunately, for some reason the water is relatively turbid coastal sea. Especially near the coast.

In Mirota contained cottages that can be rented by those who want to stay here. But electricity is only alive at night.

melayu and mirota beach batam

Melayu Beach

There are two beaches in Batam named Melayu beach, one is located in Nongsa and the other Melayu beach located on the island of Rempang (in the area of ​​Trans Barelang). For this time will be written is located on the Melayu Beach Barelang.

The Melayu beach precisely located on the island of Rempang entered into a cluster of islands connected by a bridge Barelang. Melayu Beach location approximately 15 minutes from the Bridge Barelang 4. To reach this location we can use private vehicles such as motorcycles or car/van rental or taxi.

Melayu beach conditions been neatly arranged as a tourist place. This place is equipped with beautiful parks along the coast and the available sidewalk for pedestrians who want to walk to enjoy the beautiful beach. In addition you can enjoy the beach breeze while hanging out in coffee shops located along the coast. White sand beach is preferred by tourists to play around. The water is calm and shallow sea is perfect for swimming, the kids though.

For those of you who like water sports are also available banana boat which can be hired at a cost of Rp . 20,000 only . Or maybe you can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the sea or enjoy the beauty of the small islands off the coast , can rent a boat or so-called pompong . On Sunday or national holiday Melayu Beach is fully pack by domestic tourists.

Melur Beach

Melur Beach is the earliest tourist beaches ' ​​discovered ' when the area was opened to the public in early 2000s . At that time in Barelang indeed there are only two sites ; Ex Vietnam Camp & Melur Beach  . Previously  if we go to Barelang, if not to the Camp Vietnam , then only to Melur Beach . Only recently other tourist beaches as I mentioned above also ' discovered ‘.

Melur beach in barelang batam island

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