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Batam is likely one of the 3, 000 islands, which make up the Riau Archipelago and is closest to Singapore, which is just 20 km away or fifty minutes by sea - conditioned ferry. It has a rapid - rising population of around 1000. 000. As the island develops into a significant industrial and vacationer area, it attracts an ever increasing population from different Indonesian islands who see Batam as a haven of opportunity. Once nearly uninhabited, save for a couple of scattered fishing communities, Batam ' s historical past took a sharp turn beginning 1969, when it turned help base for the State - owned PERTAMINA oil firm and its offshore oil exploration. In 1971 a presidential decree designated it as an industrial area and in 1975 the Batam Authority was formed. In 1978 Batam was established as a bonded area.

In addition to the oil support industries of Batu Ampar and a quickly growing electronics industry, Batam right now attracts rising numbers of tourists. Umpteen come from Singapore for a brief holiday shelter friends and family, duty -free purchasing and eat seafood.
International standard hotels and many economic system institutions care to the increasing demand for accommodation. An island two - thirds the dimensions of Singapore, Batam progresses by leaps and generalization. Whereabouts virgin jungle once stood at the moment are entire new towns, mosques, churches, temples and supermarkets, soon to be followed by reservoirs with sufficient water to provide a inhabitants of about one million and for industrial use, an airport - to become an international gateway - a tremendous telecommunication system, effectively equipped industrial parks, and the beginnings of a large new city center.

Administratively, Batam enjoys a unique status underneath the Batam Island Improvement Authority ( BIDA ). The island is responsibility - free. For you, the vacation market, this implies duty free purchasing on the town, resort retailers and the ferry terminal. For the businessmen it means broad - ranging opportunities for investments.

Whereas all this change takes place, Batam has retained pockets of rural charm, peaceful spots with quiet beaches. Fishing villages provide scrumptious fresh seafood to visitors. White sand beaches are fringed with palms and kampung life carries on almost undisturbed. Batam makes a terrific break.

Batam Basic Information

The People

The native people of Batam are Malay origin, however with the fast growth and improvement of the world various ethnic teams from all over Indonesia has come right here in seek for jobs and a better life. Traditionally, most of the people stay in coastal villages, while the "Orang Laut" (sea folks) continues to reside on boathouses and boats and customarily fish for a living. A few of their catches are offered to Singapore. 'Bahasa Indonesia' is the language used to communicate among the multi-ethnic population right here, while many now also perceive English, which is usually utilized in enterprise communication.
Batam’s population is presently about 1 million, of which approximately 86% are Indonesian, and 13% ethnic Chinese. The remaining 1% is made up of expatriates from varied international locations from across the world.


Even when Batam is multi-ethnic it is still the Malayan culture and Moslem, which kinds the root of the local culture. Both day by day life and the ceremonies have non secular and legendary parts, expressed in dance, music and different forms of art. A few of the most popular conventional dances are Jogi Dance, unique for Batam, Zapin Dance, which reflects robust Arabic affect, Persembahan Dance, to welcome honored visitors and Ronggeng Dance, where the guests can be invited to come back up and be a part of the dance and song. The Mak Yong drama is a dance and tune efficiency, which tells the story a few nations named "Riuh", generally believed to be the origin of Riau province name. This country is ruled by a clever and popular king, who in the future to his shock and embarrassment is informed that his princess have given birth to an animal known as "Siput Gondang" (the gondang snail). Upset by this event he orders the newborn to be expelled to the jungle. A few years later he's informed that the snail has begun to grow, and he asks for the snail to be brought to the Royal Palace where the shell is broken. To his surprise and pleasure he can see a wonderful princess appear from the damaged shell, and he names her Putri Siput Gondang (Princess Siput Gondang), celebrations are then held for seven days and seven nights.

But in addition other cultures contribute to the Batam neighborhood, and within the "Padepokan Seni" art middle in Sekupang we will see arts and crafts from throughout Indonesia, as well as varied kinds of performances, which are staged on daily basis for the guests and tourists. Artwork middle in Sekupang is "Desa Seni", Indonesian artwork village, which main goal is to "keep, conserve and develop the Indonesian culture", and in addition to handle the Cultural Institute where qualified instructors conduct varied shows and courses.
Time Zone

Batam time is UTC / GMT + 7 hours or EST - eleven hours. It's minus one hour difference to Singapore time.

Electricity Provide Voltage

In Batam, the electrical supply voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz single part power. The plugs and sockets used are 2 pin or 3 pin, and use the British customary of plug. Plug and socket adaptors are available in retailers, you're going to get multi-combination plug adaptors which can take nearly all types of plugs from the totally different requirements throughout the world. In case you have appliances from the USA (which use a hundred and ten volts) you could purchase a small transformer adaptor to make use of here.


The foreign money used in Batam is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and is normally abbreviated to Rp. It is accessible in notes of Rp1,000, Rp5,000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000 and Rp100,000. Singapore dollars (SGD) and United States dollars (USD) are additionally accepted in many of the motels, retailers and restaurants. Money changers, banks and accommodations can alternate foreign forex for Rupiah, you usually get among the best charges from the money changers. Credit cards are extensively accepted in accommodations, retailers and consuming locations in Batam.

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