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Batam attractions are quite a few and there's something to offer for all travelers, starting from sporting & leisure activities, to stress-free & peaceable activities. Whether or not you're by yourself or with your pals or family, Batam has everything for you!

Listed beneath are a number of points of interest & activities to make your stay in Batam a pleasurable one.

Balerang Bridge

They say, if you have not visited Balerang bridge, you have not been to Batam.

Barelang bridge consists of 6 islands in south of Batam. Barelang gets its name as an acronym from 3 of the island's names - Batam, Rempang and Galang. Bridge construction started in 1992 and took several years to complete as there were no roads on the islands or any other infrastructure. During construction a main road was built that runs down through the center of each island, with roads branching off to various locations. It is about a 40 min trip from the 1st bridge to the end of the last island, The bridges have been named after rulers of the Melayu, Riau Kingdoms that ruled during the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. It is a very popular place for local’s tourists, as the bridge is almost 40 meters above the water and provides spectacular ocean and island views.


Waterfront recreation

marina waterfront city BatamMost of the outdoor recreation is located at The Waterfront City (western side of the island).There are several attractions & activities available in this area, such as water & sea sports activities, (Cable Ski Park) a fishing pond, (Taman Pancing aka Fishing Pond) kart racing track, a football field, as well as a b10 Pin Bowling for playing with the kids.

There are also several restaurants & bars in the area, so you can enjoy some fine dining or a drink with friends while you are out & about!
Conveniently located near Holiday Inn & Harris Resort (15 minute walk or 5 minutes by taxi)
Fast Go Karts race around on a purpose built track, just great for the speed junkies! Test out your skills by racing against the clock or with your team mates. The price is SGD$16 for 10 mins per driver.

The Cable Ski Park is open every day from 9.00 am until sunset.

Taman Pancing (Fishing Pond)

A fresh water lake stocked with local varieties of fish, you can try your luck a catching a fish!


Beaches in BatamBatam is known for picturesque beaches and the best ones are owned by resorts. Still, Melur is one of the last few non-monopolized beaches pretty enough for a seaside stopover. Facilities are Spartan but there are local shacks selling drinks. Pack your own picnic mat and beach stools if you are into soaking up the sun. Others beach are Danau Batam, Tanjung Bemban, Ujung Galang, Nongsa Village and Marina.

An hour’s ride from the major ferry terminals, the public beach is located on the southern Galang island, connected to mainland Batam by the Barelang highway bridge system. Your best shot is to hire a full-day taxi or join a minibus group from Batam town Centre. Contact me at 62-81372571557 for this arrangement.

It gets crowded with locals and tourists on weekends but put a group together and you can own the sun and sand if you hightail it there on a weekday.

Temple Sight sighting

temple in batamTypically there are two kinds of Batam Temples; Buddhist & Hindu. The temples have worshippers visiting day by day and most temples enable tourists & visitors to come and look around.

  • Tua Pek Kong Temple

Tua Pek Kong Temple is a really famous temple situated in Nagoya. Also known as Vihara Buddhi Bhakti Temple, it's effectively used by the locals for their each day prayers and offerings. The temple is open each day and guests are welcome.

The temple is built within the traditional Chinese language model and has many courtyard statues and several wall paintings.

  • Adhi Vinayakar Temple

Adhi Vinayakar Hindu Temple is in Sei Ladi hills, only a few minutes south of Nagoya, and is worshipped by the Hindu’s from all around the island.

Back in 2005 twenty Indian Hindu monks (Maharesi) lead Sri Lalitha Maha Thirupurasundari's purification ceremony at a prayer heart for a Hindu community within the Agung Amertha Bhuana Temple (AAB Temple) area, which is part of the Adhi Vinayakar Hindu Temple.

There's a restaurant nearby, the Kak Dadut, which serves vegetarian meals, seafood, Balinese & Lombok Island model food, some Western food as well as local favorites.

  • Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple is without doubt one of the greatest Buddhist temples in South East Asia and is a main attraction in Batam. The temple is located close to the Batam Centre ferry terminal.

The primary chamber consists of statues of Buddha, and the side chambers are Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin) and Guan Gong deity. Inside there is a shop promoting Buddhist items and a vegetarian restaurant, providing quite a lot of vegetarian dishes & fruit drinks.

Nearby Islands

nearby island of batamPreviously, many visitors have been interested in the illegal casinos nearby Batam Island, which had been closed down by the government a number of years ago. In any case, we recommend a visit to a few of the other islands akin to Bintan and the beautiful capital city of the province Tanjung Pinang. 30 minutes by ferry from Batam, Bintan Island is pure paradise surrounded by lush beautiful seashores, and home to more resorts and locations of interest.

If you seek something less crowded and more tranquil, head to Melur Seaside on Galang Island; or Sembulang Beach on Rempang Island. Both secluded beaches have been developed for tourism since 2000, although they nonetheless retain calm and heat environment because of the small variety of visitors.

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